Risk Management in the Cloud

The most comprehensive and customizable incident data tracking and analytics solution available

Rich Data Collection

IncidentAnalytix is most comprehensive Incident Data Tracking system available. You have complete control over your data. Using our multi-tiered data collection process you can capture complete data about incidents and close calls throughout your program. At each level you determine how much information is essential to record.

Drill Down into your Data

Start at the top level and drill down into your data to see an incredible level of detail. From here you can record the incident, track communications and follow-up, implement reporting requirements all within one central database. When you need to develop annual reports and analyses, it’s all in one location.

Powerful Data Analytics

  • Real-time integrated data analytics from Microsoft Power BI allow you to drill down into your data giving you actionable insights for risk management. 
  • Use the advanced AI capabilities of Microsoft CoPilot to easily explore your data. 
  • Empower your organization to identify critical risk management trends by giving your staff the ability to drill down and explore your data.

Discover the Future of Risk Management with IncidentAnalytix & Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform Edition

Microsoft Power Apps

Model Driven Power Apps revolutionize the way organizations build and deploy applications. By emphasizing a data-first approach, these apps automatically generate user interfaces, guiding users through your business processes efficiently. Ideal for complex scenarios, they streamline operations, ensuring your data structure drives application logic and presentation, optimizing productivity across your organization.

Microsoft Dataverse

At the heart of Microsoft's Power Platform, Dataverse is a robust, scalable data platform and ecosystem. It simplifies data management across applications and business processes, enabling secure, integrated data storage. With its rich metadata, logic, and validation capabilities, Dataverse ensures that data is consistent, accessible, and secure, facilitating insights and actions that drive business success.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI transforms data into actionable insights. This powerful business analytics tool enables users to visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive ways. With real-time dashboards, rich interactive reports, and AI-driven insights, Power BI empowers organizations to make informed decisions quickly, fostering a data-driven culture.