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Managing Incident Data is Complex...We Make it Simple

In this era where the landscape of risks is continually evolving, organizations must adopt a proactive and informed approach to risk management. Enhancing safety within your organization requires understanding your incident trends and risk exposure. IncidentAnalytix (IA) provides the most comprehensive and customizable cloud-based Risk Management Information System available allowing organizations to collect and analyze incident and close call data to build a comprehensive picture of your risk.

IncidentAnalytix provides a systematic collection and analysis of incident data is pivotal for enhancing your risk management strategies. It enables organizations to be proactive, informed, and strategic in addressing risks, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees, optimizing resources, and maintaining compliance and reputation, ultimately contributing to the creation of a safer work environment.

IncidentAnalytix combines a customizable cloud-based Web Application that gives you complete access to your data with features including secure login, role-based user access, data analytics, and reporting.

Tracking Incident Data is a critical part of any program’s overall risk management plan. Risk Managers understand the need to track close calls and accidents in their programs. Only by identifying what is actually occurring in the field can managers evaluate trends, and implement effective programmatic responses such as new program protocols, staff training, etc.

Unfortunately, most organizations do not have an effective centralized method for collecting and evaluating incident data and this severely limits the ability to do effective data collection and analysis. Many programs simply rely on paper forms which prohibit any kind of effective trend analysis. Other programs keep their own data in a variety of formats everything from Excel Spreadsheets to simple databases but there has been no effort to create a consistent format for recording incident data at the program level.

Utilizing the latest in database technology and Web application programming, IncidentAnalytix brings a fully Cloud-based platform for organizations to collect and analyze their own incident data in real-time.